Electrical services form a small part of the supply chain but is critical. Besides the utilisation of electricity it is also the safety aspect that makes it one of the most important products used in your business.

We focus on supporting the core functions of the business and work very closesly with the people safeguarding these goals. Working with FM Managers, Operations Managers, Building Managers and Maintenance Managers, your goal is our priority.


In the fast paced commercial world we understand the knock on effect of downtime. Its not always the cost of a repair that is of the essence but often the standing time that can cost financial as well as reputational losses. We have trained staff that will prioritise and dispatch teams for work according to their severity. Emergency situations cannot be delayed. 


We have experience in working with designers, main contractors & other contractors, we pride ourselves on communicating with all relevant parties to get the project concluded within deadlines provided.



We offer compliance testing & inspections and issue a report should it not comply. We believe that a fully comprehensive report puts our clients in an informed position to make an educated decision regarding what is been charged for, should any repairs be required. This also allows you to get comparitive quotes for repairs as the report is written in such a way so that any person accessing the premises will be able to find the problem.

We pride ourselves on this method as been the most honest way moving forward.



By using our data logger we can capture what is been consumed in your installation. This lets us know about load balancing & if the power you utilise is in line with the current supply available. We have saved clients on their electrical bills by finding solutions to minimise consumption.



We do not just take a thermal image and point out that there is a problem in that area. We open the cover and should we find an anomoly we will try and find the cause at the same time. This will all be done at the same time at no additional costs to our clients. Only on faults where switch-offs need to occur or additional investigations will there be additional charges. Testing the connection (if possible to do while the board is live) will be done and also making sure the correct size conductors have been used for the correct size circuit breaker. Testing the load will also be done should it be required. Any problems with compliance in the board will also be brought to your attention.



We can calculate, supply & install these items for you. The suppliers of these products often offer the installation but are not qualified to carry out the installation. They are pushing the product and often "make a plan" to get it to work. When we do complaince testing the illegal installation gets discovered and sometimes by that time the supplier is nowhere to be found.

These are very specific installations and should only be dealt with by licensed & registered electrical contractors.

You are within your rights to require a SABS certificate when purchasing these items.

Too many consumers have been caught out and left high and dry.



Your home is often your biggest investment and with the legalities regarding insurance policies, to use legitimate electrical contractors is a no brainer. The safety of your family and friends cannot be compromised.

Unfortunately in our experience non-qualified people carrying out installations could inevitably cost you more when it comes time to obtain an Electrical Compliance Certificate when it is found that the installation is not up to the required standard.

We have also found that building contractors that offer electrical as part of their scope of works are often putting a markup on a sub-contractor. You as the client gains no benefit going this route, we are more than willing to communicate with contractors regarding requirements and time lines.



Unfortunately, a lot of suppliers of these materials are not licensed or registered electrical contractors & they "make a plan" to connect to the installation. The batteries they install can form a hazardous location and it may affect your insurance cover of your property.

Purchasing a SABS approved product from a supplier is one thing, letting them install it to your installation is a whole different issue to be contemplated.